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Selling a Property

We take care of the legal aspects of selling your property, so you can focus on finding your new home.

Home and Property Sales Solicitors, Essex

The prospect of selling your current house can be daunting.

Our dependable conveyancing solicitors can take the hassle out of selling. We deal with all the necessary legal matters, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of relocating.


The legalities of selling a property

There are several stages involved in the conveyancing process for sellers. Your conveyancing solicitor will need to:

● carry out proof of identity checks● ask you to complete property information and fitting and contents forms● obtain your property’s title deeds from the deeds holder,● confirm any amount outstanding on your existing mortgage● draft the sales contract and supporting documentation, and send to the buyer’s solicitor● answer any enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor● agree a completion date with the buyer and exchange contracts● organise completion● handle funds, including discharging any mortgage and paying the estate agent

Hanson Woods Solicitors are here to ensure your sale goes smoothly from beginning to end.



During the conveyancing process, the buyer’s solicitor will make enquiries to reveal any potential problems with the property. It is important to answer enquiries openly – otherwise, you could face legal trouble down the line. Your solicitor will help you to answer queries and resolve any issues that emerge. Common enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor may include the condition of the house, maintenance, restrictions and neighbour disputes.

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Taking the stress out of selling your home

Trust us to handle your property sale

Although you may be excited for your next property venture, it is unlikely that you are looking forward to selling your current property. The process can feel overwhelming, and you may fear that a legal mistake could cost you the sale, as well as the time and money you have invested in it.

Our conveyancing solicitors are meticulous in their work and make sure everything is properly handled. We protect you from any legal complications, either before or after the sale.

Selling a property FAQs

  • Can I leave anything in the property?

    Your fittings and contents form outlines what is and is not included in the sale. It covers everything not fixed to the property, such as freestanding furniture, curtains and light fittings. If you leave something without the buyer’s agreement, the buyer could claim for the loss they incur disposing of it.

  • When does the buyer become legally bound to the purchase?

    After exchange, the buyer is legally required to complete the purchase. If the buyer ultimately fails to complete, you will usually be entitled to rescind the contract, forfeit the sale and keep the buyer’s deposit.

  • When do I need to move out?

    On completion, the buyer becomes the legal owner of the property. You need to vacate the house on completion day, usually by 12.00pm but certainly no later than 2.00pm. If there are problems on the day, for example a piece of furniture needs to remain temporarily, your solicitor can negotiate this.

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