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Road Traffic Offences

A road traffic offence conviction can have far-reaching consequences. We are here to help you fight back.

Road Traffic and Motoring Law Solicitors, Essex

Being charged with a road traffic offence can be distressing. 

Minor mistakes may incur fines and endorsements, while more serious charges could lead to a driving ban or prison sentence. At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we can give you clear legal guidance right away and, in court, fight rigorously to secure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

What happens if I am charged with a road traffic offence?

If you were not cautioned when the offence happened, police must issue a Notice of Intended Prosecution within 14 days. You must respond and identify the driver of the vehicle within 28 days of receiving the notice.

By completing the notice, that does not mean admitting guilt. You will have the opportunity to defend yourself as the case progresses.
Once you have responded, the police or CPS will either:

● notify you that they are taking no further action● offer you a conditional fixed penalty or, where appropriate, a speed awareness course● refer the case to court and ask you to enter a plea

Have you been charged with a motoring offence?

Road Traffic Lawyers, based in Essex & East London

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How do I dispute the charge?


For minor offences, you will normally be offered a fixed penalty or, if applicable, a speed awareness course. You can accept these offers if you do not dispute the allegation.

If you do not agree that you committed the offence, you have the right to request a court hearing to defend the charge. You should seek immediate legal advice if you are considering mounting a challenge. If it fails, the court can increase the fine and endorsement above those proposed by the Fixed Penalty Notice. A traffic offence solicitor can counsel you on whether to proceed with a court hearing. 

What happens if I receive a court summons?

If you are accused of a serious offence, you could be summoned to court. You will have to enter a plea. Even if you plead ‘guilty’, you could lessen your punishment if you can convince the court that mitigating circumstances were present.


Preserving your right to justice

Ready to fight back against a road traffic offence allegation? We’re in your corner.

Whether you are unsure about accepting a fixed penalty or alarmed by the prospect of a court summons, a motoring law solicitor will help to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. Your lawyer will advise you on how to pursue a challenge, plead effectively and, working with you, devise a defence strategy aimed at securing your optimal outcome.
Hanson Woods Solicitors have a wealth of experience in successfully challenging road traffic offences makes us the ideal choice to champion your cause. We listen attentively, probe deeply and act insightfully to construct the most compelling defence possible.

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If you have been charged with a road traffic offence, minor or more serious, Hanson Woods Solicitors are here to provide the unwavering legal support you need to defend the allegation.

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