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Bullying & Harassment

Being bullied or harassed in your workplace is unacceptable. We can support you in taking action.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Lawyers, Essex

If you are experiencing bullying or being harassed at work, you will likely feel stressed, upset and frustrated.

You may be concerned about your career progression, working relationships and reputation. We can help you to take a stand through a grievance process or by making a claim in an employment tribunal.

What workplace behaviour constitutes bullying and harassment?

Bullying is intimidating, offensive or unwelcome behaviour. It can take various forms, including:

● unkind or undermining comments● circulating malicious rumours● unfair treatment

This behaviour does not have to take place in person. It could be over email, via letters or phone calls, and can be in relation to one incident or many.


If the bullying treatment is related to one of the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010, such as a disability, it could amount to harassment if it also:

● violated your dignity● created a hostile environment for you

Are you being bullied or harassed at work?

 Workplace Bullying and Harassment Solicitors based in Essex & East London

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Your employer’s responsibility

Your employer is responsible for stopping bullying and harassment in the workplace. There should be policies in place to protect you. If you have made a complaint to your employer about bullying or harassment, it should be investigated swiftly and without bias. 

What can I do if my employer fails to protect me from bullying and harassment?

If your employer is not stopping you from being bullied or harassed, or if you are unhappy with your employer’s response to an informal complaint you have made, you can use your employer’s grievance procedure to issue a formal complaint. A solicitor can help you negotiate the process and reach a resolution, including through a settlement agreement.
If the grievance procedure does not resolve the situation, you may be able to take legal action at an employment tribunal and seek compensation. A lawyer can advise you on your claim and represent you throughout.


Enabling you to assert your rights

You are entitled to work without bullying or harassment. We can empower you to act.   

Bullying and harassment is distressing and can impact your career, reputation and health. If your employer cannot or will not protect you, Hanson Woods Solicitors can.

Our empathetic bullying and harassment lawyers can advise on your situation, guide you through a grievance procedure and negotiate a settlement agreement. We can also represent you in an employment tribunal claim, presenting a powerful case for compensation for the treatment you have endured.

At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we understand that it takes courage to stand up to bullying and harassment, especially in your workplace. We will work tirelessly to shield your reputation and secure the outcome you deserve.

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Nobody should have to suffer bullying or harassment at work. If you are experiencing problems in the workplace in Essex or East London, speak to our understanding team to learn how we can help protect your standing, prospects and wellbeing.