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Disciplinary/Grievance Procedures

Understanding your rights in disciplinary and grievance procedures is crucial in securing the best possible outcome.

Disciplinary and Grievances Solicitors, Essex

Facing a disciplinary or raising a grievance can be daunting.

You should be treated fairly and be certain that procedures have been followed correctly. At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we can provide legal advice throughout, ensuring you know your rights and fully understand the process. With our help, you can face the situation with confidence.

How does a disciplinary procedure work?

Your employer will investigate whether a disciplinary procedure is necessary. If they feel that it is, you will be notified in writing of the alleged misconduct or underperformance and its potential consequences. A disciplinary meeting will be scheduled, ahead of which you will have the opportunity to prepare your response.

At the meeting, you can answer any allegations with support from witnesses and your own evidence. Afterwards, your employer will decide whether to take disciplinary action. Their decision will be confirmed to you in a written statement.

You can appeal the decision if you believe it is incorrect or unjustified.


How do I raise a grievance?

You should follow your employer’s procedure for raising a grievance. If you do not, it may affect any claim you later make in an employment tribunal. You will need to put in writing the subject of your grievance, any evidence and what you want your employer to do about it. Wording a grievance can be tricky so it can help to take legal advice.
A meeting will be held to address your grievance. Your employer will want to hear from everyone involved so that they can decide how to resolve the situation. They will inform you and other relevant employees of their decision in writing.

If you are unhappy with your employer’s resolution to your grievance, you are entitled to appeal it.

Facing a disciplinary procedure or looking to raise a grievance?

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Solicitors based in Essex & East London

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Providing legal support at a stressful time

Here to guide you through the uncertainty of a disciplinary or grievance procedure

If you feel that your disciplinary or grievance procedure has been mishandled, you may be able to make a claim to an employment tribunal. You could be entitled to compensation if your employer is at fault.

Our adept employment solicitors can support you throughout a disciplinary or grievance procedure. We will work with you to prepare a compelling defence to any allegation you face or draft a grievance letter that makes clear your complaint and your desired outcome. If your employer’s response is unsatisfactory, we can represent you at an employment tribunal to fight for the resolution you deserve.

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