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Wrongful Dismissal

Is your dismissal in breach of your contract? We can help you make a claim.

Wrongful Dismissal Claims Lawyers, Essex

Your employment contract determines when and how you can be dismissed.

If your employer fails to follow the agreed procedure, you could lose pay and benefits that you are entitled to. At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we can advise you on whether you have a claim and work to win back what you are owed.

What is wrongful dismissal?

Wrongful dismissal occurs if you are dismissed in breach of your contract. The most common ways this could happen are if your employer:

● fails to give you adequate notice● does not follow correct dismissal procedures (including when making you redundant)● terminates a fixed-term or specific task contract before its agreed expiry

The terms of your contract are those you have agreed with your employer, plus any that statute and case law implies – for instance, statute provides for a minimum notice period whilst common law adds that a reasonable notice period should be given.


Compensation for wrongful dismissal

If you have been wrongfully dismissed, you could claim damages from your employer. Damages awarded are usually equivalent to the pay and benefits you would have received during your lawful notice period or, in the case of a prematurely terminated contract, until the end of the contract’s agreed term.

Have you been wrongfully dismissed?

Wrongful Dismissal Claims Solicitors located in Essex & East London

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Benefits in kind

You are entitled to compensation for non-cash benefits, such as a company car or insurance. Generally, these are valued at the cost to you of replacing the lost benefit for the period during which you would have enjoyed it had you been lawfully dismissed.

Duty to mitigate

You must mitigate your losses by looking for new work. However, you do not have to accept the first position available to you. You are only required to take reasonable steps to mitigate and can spend time looking for the right job.


Championing your claim for wrongful dismissal

We can help you recoup what you are owed

Building a claim for wrongful dismissal requires an intricate understanding of contract and employment law. Without precise legal advice, you could overlook your opportunity to make a claim or fail to regain the full sum of damages you may be due.

Hanson Woods Solicitors are well-versed in identifying, establishing and successfully advocating claims for wrongful dismissal. We can determine whether the treatment you received fell short of what was legally required and assemble a cogent claim to recover the full extent of the loss you have suffered. Our diligent team works unceasingly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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If you have been wrongfully dismissed, Hanson Woods Solicitors can support you in your claim for damages. If you are based in Essex, East London or further afield, get in touch with our team today for immediate advice on your situation.