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Whatever the legal situation, we make sure your child’s interests come first.

Child Law Solicitors, Essex

Legal issues involving and affecting children are wide-ranging, however, what they all have in common is the central importance of the child’s best interests. 

 No matter how complex the situation, the family law team at Hanson Woods Solicitors take care to preserve your child’s wellbeing whilst helping you to reach a resolution.

How can a child law expert help?

The advice of a specialist solicitor can prove invaluable in many situations where a child’s legal rights or interests are relevant, such as:

● adoption and surrogacy● child arrangements orders (custody agreements)● domestic violence and child abuse● care proceedings involving social services● grandparents’ rights● parental responsibility orders● child relocation

Our approachable and supportive team recognise that any legal situation affecting your child will likely be emotionally challenging. We are here to assist in any way we can and will strive to reach a positive resolution for you and your family promptly.

Looking after your child’s interests

Our thoughtful family law team put children’s welfare at the heart of everything they do

Every family situation is different, as is every child. At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we make getting to know you and your circumstances our priority so we can give you the best advice possible. Whatever area of children’s law you need help with, we act with insight and empathy to ensure the optimal outcome for you and your child.

Making child arrangements after separation


If you separate from or divorce your partner, you may find it hard to make decisions about child arrangements, especially who your child should live with. It is important to keep their best interests in mind. It can help to ask yourselves which of you has the most time available for childcare and whose home is closest to your child’s school, friends and other family members.

Child Arrangements Orders

If you and your partner cannot reach an agreement, even through mediation or lawyer-led negotiation, you can apply to court to settle arrangements for you. The court will decide who will be the primary carer for your child and how much access the secondary carer will have.



  • Could the court award joint custody?

    When making a decision that will affect a child, legal professionals and the courts are required to look at the child’s best interests. So long as the court believes that living part-time with each parent is what is in your child’s best interests, it will generally approve joint custody arrangements.

  • What can I do if my partner refuses to pay maintenance? 

    If your partner will not honour a maintenance agreement you made privately, you can approach the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). The CMS can act to secure payment so long as you made your agreement legally binding via a consent order at least 12 months ago.

  • What if my partner prevents me from seeing my children?

    If your former partner will not let you spend time with your children, you can apply to court for a contact order. If your access to your children is still blocked, the court can take action against your partner for breaching the order.

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Hanson Woods Solicitors can help with any legal matter involving children and you can be certain that our advice will always reflect your child’s best interests.

We routinely counsel families living in Essex, East London and surrounding areas.