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Domestic Violence

If your current or former partner has harmed or threatened you, we can help.

Domestic Violence Solicitors, Essex

The breakdown of a family relationship is a difficult time for all those involved. 

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may feel trapped, alone and frightened. We can help you to understand your legal options and find a way out of the cycle. For specialist legal advice and support, contact Hanson Woods Solicitors today.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is when a person harms someone with whom they have, or have had, a relationship. Many will consider domestic violence as physical or sexual abuse, however it can also be emotional and financial abuse.

Emotional abuse

Emotional (or psychological) abuse is usually verbal. The abuser might: ● exert control, for instance dictating who the victim can see● humiliate, denigrate or manipulate the victim● threaten or terrorise the victim

Financial abuse

Financial abuse occurs in a high proportion of domestic violence cases. The abuser uses it to trap the victim in the relationship. Common actions of financial abuse involve preventing the victim from working, or restricting or blocking access to money and resources.

Have you been abused by your partner or ex?

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What are my legal options as a victim?


The priority is to ensure you are safe. You may choose to report the domestic violence to the police, leave home for a period of time or permanently, or remain in your home and have your abuser leave. You should seek legal advice on the most suitable course of action.
Once you are secure, there are several pressing legal considerations. Amongst other matters, you will need to decide:
● whether you want a formal separation or divorce from your partner● how to arrange any necessary contact between your children and your former partner● what to do about the family home, making sure your interests in the property are preserved

Court orders

You might choose to apply for a court order to protect you and your family. There are two types available; Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders. A solicitor can advise on which order would be the most suitable for your situation.


By your side with legal and practical support

Helping you to create a new future for yourself

The concerns associated with the end of any relationship are greatly complicated if domestic violence is present. Once you are safe, a clear understanding of the legal routes open to you is vital in allowing you to move forward with certainty.

Hanson Woods Solicitors specialises in providing legal support to victims of domestic violence. Our sensitive team appreciates the difficulties you face in negotiating separation, contact arrangements and property interests if a violent partner is involved. We will act as a central pillar of your support team, ensuring you have the legal insight required to resolve issues carefully and conclusively.

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If you are a victim of domestic violence and need legal advice on how to move forward, Hanson Woods Solicitors are here to support you through what may feel like an overwhelming transition.

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