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Passport & Travel Documents

We make overseas journeys easier by giving clear guidance on eligibility requirements and applications for travel documentation

Passport and Travel Documents Solicitors, Essex 

Having the freedom to travel overseas is invaluable, but it can be overwhelming trying to determine what documentation you require, how to apply for it and what to do if your application is unsuccessful. 

Hanson Woods Solicitors make it simple for you to travel with ease and certainty.

Am I eligible for a British passport?

You are eligible to apply for or hold a British passport if you have British nationality. However, having British nationality does not entitle you to a British passport. Passports can be refused, cancelled or withdrawn by the government at any time.


Adults applying for their first British passport will have to attend a verification interview with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS). Since the process can take some time, you should allow at least six weeks between the date of your application and when you wish to travel.

Unsure about your eligibility or how to apply? 

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Can I travel outside the UK without a passport?

If you are not British and are unable to use or get a passport from your country, you may be able to apply for a Home Office travel document. To be eligible, you must live in the UK for one of following reasons:

● you have permission to remain as a refugee or stateless person● you have discretionary leave or humanitarian protection for a limited time after a failed asylum application● you have indefinite leave to remain

If you are unsure about whether you can apply, get in touch with our immigration specialists today.

What documents do I need? 

There are four types of travel documents which you should apply for depending on your status:

● if you are a refugee, you require a convention travel document● if you are stateless, you require a stateless person’s document● if you wish to leave the UK and not return, you require a one-way document, known as an IS137● if you have been refused a passport by your own national authorities, you require a certificate of travel


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Our straightforward advice lets you travel outside the UK with confidence

Whether you are travelling for pleasure, business or personal reasons, you want to be certain that everything will go to plan. Having the right travel documents is crucial but trying to understand what documentation you need and how to apply for it can be perplexing.

Hanson Woods Solicitors are here to help. Our experience in advising on, drafting and evidencing British passport and travel document applications is unrivalled. Our specialist solicitors possess an intricate understanding of UK immigration law and will work diligently to give your application the best chance of success so that you can travel unhindered.

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