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Estate Planning

Secure your loved ones’ futures and shield them from difficult decisions.

Estate Planning Solicitors, Essex

Nobody wants their loved ones to have to untangle a legal mess when they are gone.

 Estate planning ensures your family knows how you want your affairs to be handled. At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we can help you to make sure everything is taken care of exactly as you would like it to be. 

How does an estate plan differ from a Will?

Your Will sets out who should inherit your assets, manage your affairs and take care of any children after you pass away. Although your Will forms a crucial part of an estate plan, an estate plan encompasses considerably more than just these matters. It can address:

● your preferences for end-of-life care● who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable to● who will make financial decisions for you, including those related to your legacy, if you are unable to● who should receive money from any life insurance policies, retirement accounts or other savings

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Why do I need an estate plan?

As well as peace of mind for you and your loved ones, there are many other reasons to make an estate plan.


Create the legacy you want

You can divide your assets precisely, including any life insurance proceeds or other funds that will become accessible on your death. You may want your beneficiaries to use their inheritance for particular reasons, and an estate plan can make this clear.

Spare your family tough decisions

Setting out end-of-life care choices, medical wishes and funeral arrangements in your estate plan guards against your family having to make any of these hard decisions on your behalf.


Manage your tax liability

Working out how much money you need to see you through later life means you can act to minimise your Inheritance Tax bill, protecting your assets for your beneficiaries.

Helping you to plan ahead

Preserving your wishes at the end of your life and beyond

At Hanson Woods Solicitors, we understand that estate planning can be both emotionally and legally challenging. A skilfully written estate plan allows you to safeguard your autonomy over your end-of-life choices and your estate, giving you and your family complete peace of mind. We give meaningful support and advice to help you to arrange everything in as beneficial a way as possible for your loved ones, and for yourself.
Our dedicated estate planning solicitors work with empathy, discretion and care, ensuring your wishes are recorded with precision and clarity. We work closely with you to create the legacy you desire.

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