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Wills, Probate, Trusts and Estate Planning

We make organising your personal affairs simple, so you can relax and keep enjoying life.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration Lawyers, Essex

Planning for your loved ones’ futures and knowing they will be taken care of can give you peace of mind and let you focus on sharing time with them now.

We can make estate planning easy and effective, helping you to leave a legacy your family will be grateful for.

Our Wills, trusts and estate administration services



Having a valid Will ensures that your wishes are followed on your death. We are here to help.



Estate administration procedures can be daunting. Let our sympathetic lawyers help you at this emotional time. 



Safeguarding your assets for your loved ones and for the future.


Estate Planning

Protect your important assets and secure your loved ones’ futures.


Expressing your wishes

Having a Will is vital to ensure that your wishes are met, and yet many people defer making one. While it can be difficult thinking about what you want to happen after your death, dying without a Will can have severe legal consequences for your loved ones.

Your Will should specify what you want to happen to your estate (your property, money and other possessions) when you pass away. Amongst other important matters, your Will can settle:

who will benefit from your estatehow your children will be taken care of who will manage your estate (your executors)steps to reduce tax liability on the estate

You can also employ trusts in your Will to give you greater control over what happens to your assets and how they are used.

Do you need assistance with any aspect of estate planning or administration?

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Executing a Will

If you are an executor, you must carry out the deceased’s wishes in accordance with their Will. You will need a grant of probate to authorise you to administer the estate.

Other duties you could be required to perform include:

● paying debts and expenses from the estate● maintaining property until it is distributed or sold● distributing the estate to the beneficiaries

Dying without a Will

If someone dies without a valid Will in place (also known as dying intestate), a family member or friend may act as executor. If there are no surviving relatives, the estate will pass to the Crown to be administered by the Treasury. When disbursements have been made and Inheritance Tax paid, the remaining estate will be distributed in line with intestacy rules.


Safeguarding your assets now and for the future

A tailored service that supports you and your loved ones

Life may be unpredictable, but estate planning gives you the reassurance that your family will be looked after regardless of what happens. It is never too early to organise your Will and related legal affairs. Acting now will protect your loved ones from any nasty surprises or painful decisions should you pass away unexpectedly.

The compassionate private client team at Hanson Woods Solicitors are sensitive to your needs and your situation. We listen carefully to your intentions and ensure that the legal mechanisms required to make them a reality are in place when the time comes

Wills FAQs

  • What are the formalities required for a Will to be legally valid?

    For your Will to be valid, it must be in writing and be signed by you. At least two people must witness your signature. Witnesses must be aged 18 or over, be of sound mind and be sighted. Your Will should also be dated and revoke all previous Wills. 

  • When should I review my Will?

    If your life circumstances change after writing your Will, you must update it in line with your current wishes. If you do not update your Will and get married, divorced or have new children or grandchildren, you could cause distress for your family and possibly lead to your Will being contested.

  • Do I require a solicitor to make a Will?

    Although it is not obligatory to have legal advice when making a Will, it is strongly advised. Wills must be worded exactly to avoid your intentions being frustrated. Help from a solicitor can ensure no errors are made and that your Will operates as you want it to.

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