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Your livelihood, career and working reputation take years to build. We can help you to keep them safe.

Employment Lawyers, Essex

 Coping with issues at work can be overwhelming.

 Employment law is complex, and you may not even be aware that your employer is failing to uphold your rights. Whatever your situation, our employment law solicitors can guide you through and ensure you are treated fairly and with respect throughout. 

Our employment services


Settlement Agreements

If you have been offered a settlement agreement, receiving the appropriate expert advice is incredibly important.



Suffering discrimination at work can damage your career, health and home life. Trust us to protect you. 


Unfair Dismissal

An unfair dismissal jeopardises your future. We can safeguard your career, reputation and financial stability.


Wrongful Dismissal

Is your dismissal in breach of your contract? We can advise you on whether you have a claim and work to win back what you are owed.


Disciplinary/Grievance Procedures

Understanding your rights in disciplinary and grievance procedures is crucial in securing the best possible outcome. 


Bullying & Harassment

Being bullied or harassed in your workplace is unacceptable. We can support you in taking action.


Being dismissed can come as a shock, as can learning that you will face a disciplinary procedure. Many people feel they have been treated unfairly, but how do you know if your employer really has done something wrong?

Signs that you may have suffered an unfair or wrongful dismissal include:

● your dismissal is unrelated to your performance, capability or conduct● you have been dismissed in breach of your contract● you have not received an adequate notice period● your employer has not followed proper procedure in dismissing you● you feel that your disciplinary procedure was mishandled or wrongly concluded

If you have been unfairly or wrongfully dismissed, you may be able to make a claim for compensation in an employment tribunal.



Challenging discrimination, bullying and harassment

You should not have to tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination in your workplace. Bullying can take many forms, and your employer should protect you from all unacceptable behaviour, including:

● being excluded or ignored● having rumours spread about you● being threatened or aggressed● being blocked from opportunities for progression

If you are targeted for ill-treatment because of a certain characteristic (like your age, gender or race), you may be experiencing harassment or discrimination.

The first step in stopping such objectionable behaviour is to make an informal complaint. If your employer does not respond satisfactorily, you can raise a formal grievance. Should your employer still fail to resolve the issue, you may be able to seek compensation through an employment tribunal.

Are you struggling with an issue at work?

Employment Law Solicitors assisting clients in Essex & East London

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Keeping your career on track

Our professional service means you can focus on your job, without work-related worries interfering

Problems at work can be incredibly stressful, especially if they threaten your reputation or position. Hanson Woods Solicitors appreciate how important your job is to you, personally, professionally and financially. Whether you are coping with a disciplinary or grievance procedure, battling discrimination or a wrongful dismissal, or simply unsure how to deal with an employment-related issue, our team can provide legal advice and representation.
Our employment law solicitors are unfalteringly committed to our clients and their specific needs. We support individuals at all levels in a wide range of industries and organisations, acting with care and tact to ensure matters are resolved swiftly and completely.

Employment FAQs

  • What is the time limit for making an unfair dismissal claim?

    You usually have three months, less one day, from the date of your dismissal to bring a tribunal claim. Within this period, you must contact Acas to notify them that you intend to claim. Additional time will be allowed for you and your employer to try early conciliation via Acas. 

  • Do I have to follow my employer’s grievance procedure?

    Whilst you do not have to follow your organisation’s grievance procedure, you should do so if possible. If you later complain to an employment tribunal, any compensation you are awarded could be reduced by 25% if they believe it was unreasonable of you not to abide by set procedure.

  • What is a settlement agreement?

    Most commonly, a settlement agreement is an agreement by an employee not to pursue a legal claim against their employer in return for a certain sum of money. For a settlement agreement to be legally binding, you must have received independent legal advice before signing.

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